INTERECONOMICS, Vol 48, No. 5· September/October 2013

Authors: Jacques Pelkmans, Alexander Dix, Gregor Thüsing, Johannes Traut, Laurits Christensen, Federico Etro, Susan Ariel Aaronson, Rob Maxim, Sylvia A. Allegretto

Editorial: Europe Under Merkel’s Third Term

By Jacques Pelkmans

Now that Angela Merkel has won an impressive victory in the German election, it is tempting, if not a duty, for economists to propose a rational, coherent package of EU initiatives and reforms which would significantly improve the performance of the EU economy.

Forum: EU Data Protection Reform: Opportunities and Concerns

With articles by Alexander Dix, Gregor Thüsing, Johannes Traut, Laurits Christensen, Federico Etro, Susan Ariel Aaronson and Rob Maxim

Last year, the European Commission proposed a comprehensive reform of the EU’s data protection
rules. The proposed regulation has been surrounded by fi erce controversy and has been the
subject of frenzied lobbying by global corporations, industry groups, research centres and privacy
campaigners on both sides of the Atlantic. This Forum applies cool economic reasoning to this
heated issue. What are the potential economic benefi ts of EU harmonisation? Will the proposed
regulation negatively impact the competitiveness and innovation of European fi rms in the global
marketplace? Or could it jeopardise attempts to protect privacy as a fundamental right in civil

Letter from America: U.S. Youth: A Lost Generation in the Making?

By Sylvia A. Allegretto

The Great Recession wreaked havoc on financial and labor markets across the globe. Officially dated December 2007 through June 2009, the U.S. recession, to various degrees, is still being played out. The focus of this piece is to look at trends in the U.S. youth labor market both during and in the aftermath of the Great Recession. As was the case in Europe, the unemployment rates of American youth increased dramatically over the downturn, and they remain high today. But were the increases in the U.S. outside of historical norms, and how do they compare to those experienced in Europe?

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