Reforming the Market Design of EU Electricity Markets

For many years the EU has been making gradual process towards the completion of an internal market for electricity and gas and the European Council had set a date to complete it by 2014.  More recently, the EU’s climate and energy objectives for example in the context of the 2030 Climate and Energy Framework has raised issues on whether the current ‘market design’ of EU’s electricity markets is adequate to ensure low-carbon development in a cost-effective way or whether it should be adjusted.  

The CEPS Task Force will:
• Assess the on-going EU policy discussions and share knowledge among stakeholders,
• Think through ideas and proposals for a new ‘electricity market design’,
• Test the ideas for Southeast Europe, and
• Work out a set of concrete recommendations to be presented to EU and member state policy-makers.

Given the pressing nature of these challenges, it is expected that the new Commission will take up these topics and will come up with a formal set of proposals around the Internal Energy Market.

CEPS Task Forces constitute multi-stakeholder fora where representatives from the European Commission (DG Energy, Climate Action, Enterprise, ECFIN etc.), member states’ officials, European Parliament, business and industry, NGOs, energy consumers, international organizations, academic experts and other stakeholders meet to discuss solution proposals and make recommendations to some of the biggest challenges for the EU.

The task force will be chaired by Jacques de Jong, Senior Fellow, Clingendael International Energy Programme, formerly Electricity Regulator in the Netherlands. The rapporteurs will be Christian Egenhofer, Associate Senior Research Fellow, Fabio Genoese, Research Fellow, and Anna Dimitrova, Research Assistant, all from CEPS.   

1st: 26 November 2014 (Agenda)
2nd: 22 January 2015 (Agenda)
3rd: 12 March 2015
4th and 5th meeting (if required): TBA

Click here to download the prospectus. For more information contact Christian Egenhofer.

First meeting:
Click here to download the notes of the first Task Force meeting. The contents of the document reflect the general tone of the discussions but do not necessarily represent a full common position agreed by all the participants.

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