Task Forces

  • CEPS Task Force Report:
    Corporate Taxation and the European Company Statute
    Author: Emrah Arbak, CEPS  

  • The application of Article 82 of the EU Treaty to exclusionary abuses is currently subject to an in-depth review following the publication of a Discussion Paper drafted by a group of economists for the European Commission in December 2005.

  • CEPS Task Force Report: 
    Achieving the Internal Market for e-communications
    Author: Andrea Renda, CEPS Senior Fellow 

  • CEPS Task Force Report:
    Making the most of the G8+5 Climate Change Process: Accelerating Structural Change and Technology Diffusion on a Global Scale
    Authors: Noriko Fujiwara, CEPS Fellow & Christian Egenhofer, CEPS Senior Fellow 

  • Completed task forces

    CEPS Task Force Report:
    Energy Policy for Europe: Identifying the European Added-Value
    Authors: Arno Behrens and Christian Egenhofer (CEPS, Rapporteurs)

  • CEPS Task Force Report:
    Pouring old wine in new skins? UCITS & Asset Management after MiFID
    Authors: Karel Lannoo (CEO, CEPS) & Jean-Pierre Casey (Associate Fellow, CEPS)

  • CEPS Task Force Report:
    Reviewing the EU Emissions Trading Scheme: Priorities for Short-Term Implementation of the Second Round of Allocation (Part I + II)
    Authors: Christian Egenhofer & Noriko Fujiwara

    After taking stock of the EU ETS, the report examines the need and potential for short-term adaptation of the second round of allocation and makes concrete and operational recommendations to EU member states and the European Commission.

    Date Published: 1 Dec 2005 (part1); 1 March 2006 (part2)

    Pages: 43 (part 1); 44 (part 2) 

  • CEPS Task Force Report:
    Last call for Lisbon? Suggestions for the Future Regulation of E-Communications in Europe
    Author: Andrea Renda

  • Since the formation of the euro area, the integration of both wholesale and retail financial markets has been a European priority. Indeed, if the elimination of currency barriers has brought markets together, it has also drawn attention to the opportunity costs of fragmentation.

  • CEPS Task Force Report:
    The EU Budget: The UK Rebate and the CAP – Phasing them both out?
    Author: Jorge Núñez Ferrer